Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Festival highs

GB highs: being there with mayBe community - almost all of us, plus friends, in tents in one place on the site - brilliant. Offering our Magnificat installation and alt. worship service (see pic by Tom Baker). Everyone came to set up the signpost, organised by Dave our can-do man. Finding myself in 90's disco at the Winged Ox with the community celebrating post-service in the small hours of Monday morning. Meeting up with people inc conversation-makers with mayBe Si Smith and Michael Symmons Roberts. GB lows: uninspired by the music this year - and by the main stage thing - didn't go to see one thing there. Missing some of the most interesting stuff cos it clashed with what we were doing (or preparing to do): Ikon, My Morning Jacket and LDL...

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Sarcastic Lutheran said...

Thanks for the prayers today...means so much.
Glad to see you're in the blogoshere! I really am dieing to come to Greenbelt someday...maybe some year soon. There's nothing like it here in the US. I think of your community often and fondly.