Thursday, August 24, 2006

Greenbelt 06

Almost there: Greenbelt Festival 06. Last year we (mayBe in Oxford) did a service at GB for the first time and it was great for us as a young community. A bit scary of course - we were going from our very relaxed, intimate setting to a much bigger thing, but it proved to be a real community-building moment. This year we hope for the same. The really exciting thing is that we are all involved, and that no-one is really sure what our installation or service (both called Magnificat) will look like because they will only come together at the Festival. If you are there please look out for us and say hello. The pic is one that we'll use at GB - painted by mayBe's Rachel Yates during and around one of our worship gatherings earlier this year. As you can see Rachel is a bit brilliant...

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