Friday, September 08, 2006

freedom songs

Isn't it great to be given an amazing piece of music out of nowhere! At last night's mayBe community meal we were finishing off our redemption song cycle by asking the question 'what kind of song are we living as community, and can it be a freedom-bringing song to people around us?' As part of that process people were invited to bring songs that we find 'freeing'. You can check out the playlist that emerged on the mayBe website. Lots of great stuff there. One I really liked was 'There will always be (room at my table for you)' by Adem, which no doubt will find its way into a mayBe Eucharist soon. Thanks for this to Tom who belongs to Peace Church in Birmingham but spends lots of time with us when he's in Oxford with Jane. There will always be room at our-His table for you...

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tom said...

Yeah i love this song. When Jane and I saw adem at Oxford Zodiac they got off the stage for the last couple of songs and played unplugged, with the crowd sat around their feet - a beautiful moment.