Monday, September 04, 2006

try this improvisation [1]: small = good?

Enjoyed our first shared worship gathering with our buddies from hOME yesterday. We met up at our summer home (also on high days and holidays) ancient Bartlemas chapel - then on to the Angel for a pint. It was very good to share Eucharist, and good to continue in the spirit of Eucharist at the pub. We were working with 2 of Jesus' parables of small things - the mustard seed and yeast. As our improvisiation we took pics on our phones of small stuff around us - here's a pic of a small creature that someone spotted. Seems to me that in our setting and calling smallness can actually be a strength - enabling authentic Christ-community to happen, and creating space in which people might bump into, and begin to orientate themselves towards, Christ. Small = good?


tom said...

Couldn't agree more Ian,

Unfortunately sometimes with bigness, Christo-centrism is replaced with politico-centrism, and Christ-community is stifled rather than encouraged.

I wonder what the Church would look like in this country if congregations weren't allowed to out-grow homes...perhaps less of an institution and more of a movement...?


St said...

Small is not only good, it's important too. We should maybe be more interested in our little bit of the world and less in the whole thing.

Mustard Seed Shavings has a little tale on the subject.

Nice to meet you.

Sarcastic Lutheran said...

Here in the states there is such an obsession with "church growth" a church is healthy if it is growing. Following Christ has a price. If we are so concerned with increasing our numbers do we do it by dumbing down discipleship? Good to think about, thank you.

maggi said...

hi ian, nice to see you blogging. good thoughts about small.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

Ian - Dave Roberts here. Hope you are well - well done on Blog etc

Regards to family


David said...

Hi Ian, David J here.

I wanted to share a sermon about the parable of the mustard seed with you:

I learned that the mustard seed grows not into a mighty tree (which provides shelter for any number of birds), but into a shrubbery - and what's more, a shrub that's usually regarded as a weed.



ian said...

Heh guys thanks for your comments. And Dave R good to hear from you - please send me an email