Thursday, October 19, 2006

vinyl rush pt 1

Last Christmas my in-laws Pete and Chris gave me a turntable, and what a top gift it was. In 2006 I've been rediscovering my old vinyl. Not all of it - some has not stood the test of time. But some has, magnificently. Like Rod Stewart's You wear it well from Never a dull moment, to which I found myself lurching around the living room today, undignified but ridiculously happy. Hard to imagine that Stewart was pretty cool back in 1972, long before a lot of you were born, actually long before most people were born. Just a great song, brilliantly played and sung. And is it just me, or is vinyl a whole lot warmer, real, here, than CD?

Monday, October 16, 2006

the beautiful game?

First time for ages on Saturday I went to the footie with our son James. He's been an Arsenal supporter since we moved from Sheffield when he was 9. We became Red members (hand over your cash) last year to try to get tickets for a game, with no joy. But this year's move to the bigger and impressive Emirates Stadium seems to have prised the door open ever so slightly for games with lesser clubs, and here we are for the 3-0 game v Watford. Have to say Arsenal played some lovely football, and the boy Theo will go far. Why didn't Sven play him having taken the courageous decision to take him to Germany? But you can only take so much slick football. So I'm looking forward to a real footballing experience in a few weeks time - going back to Hillsborough to see the famous Wednesday...

Friday, October 13, 2006

emerging = distorting?

Week 3 of the critics series in mayBe. A thought coming out of last night's discussion [being facilitated by Niamh - see pic]: we do 'believe in' stuff in mayBe, and that's important ( so for example we know that we are seeking to follow Jesus Christ, we are trying to cultivate living in the light of God as Trinity, and we hold the historic creeds of the Church worldwide) BUT our instinct is that HOW we hold those beliefs is just as important as the beliefs themselves. So there's something about trying to hold any beliefs we have humbly; being willing to be surprised, perhaps overwhelmed by the even-greater realities behind and beyond those beliefs; not feeling that we have to 'understand' them to allow God to shape us; and certainly not forcing them on other people.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

religion = stupid

We're into week 2 in mayBe of opening ourselves up to our fiercest critics [real. potential or imagined]. This week Martin Amis [see last post] and Richard Dawkins ["bad ideas, useless ideas, waste of time ideas like rain dances and other religious customs, will also be passed down the generations - the child brain is very susceptible to this kind of infection" interview with] Ouch. But actually the consensus in our conversation seems to be that our spirituality/religion is not sustained by evidence. We would have dumped the whole thing a long time ago if that were true. But somehow we seem to keep on being found by the brilliant-unsettling-mystery-that-is-God. Tomorrow we're in the park for our Eucharist. Jim's got this idea for throwing leaves in the air and watching them fall.