Thursday, October 19, 2006

vinyl rush pt 1

Last Christmas my in-laws Pete and Chris gave me a turntable, and what a top gift it was. In 2006 I've been rediscovering my old vinyl. Not all of it - some has not stood the test of time. But some has, magnificently. Like Rod Stewart's You wear it well from Never a dull moment, to which I found myself lurching around the living room today, undignified but ridiculously happy. Hard to imagine that Stewart was pretty cool back in 1972, long before a lot of you were born, actually long before most people were born. Just a great song, brilliantly played and sung. And is it just me, or is vinyl a whole lot warmer, real, here, than CD?


Yatesy said...

"A little old fashioned but that's alright"

What a song, yes, written some eight years before I was born Ian but my mum used to play it in the car!

I don't associate the line quote with you though Ian; you're very young at heart and you certainly wear it well!

Keep dancing undignified; it's much more fun.


bigdaddystevieB said...

Envious of your vinyl collection. My younger brother always seemed to have more money than me, so I came up with this cunning plan about us purchasing LPs jointly (ie. I pay one-third, he pays two-thirds, but on the basis that he could "own" them). Ownership didn't seem important when I was 15 (I could play them as often as I wanted afterall). Unfortunately, 42 years later, he still has them and I don't!

St said...

1972. May Bank Holiday (in the days when there was only one)at the Great Western Expresss Festival, Bardney, Lincolnshire the day after my 17th birthday. Too tired to stay awake so fall asleep in my tent before the Faces come on to top the bill. Ten minutes later, as I snooze, the opening bars of Stay With Me shake the field, the tent and rock the world and I have to get up. Ever been rocked awake?