Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm gonna do it all someday

Gail and I have probably been playing one CD the last 6 months more than any other: 'Scribbled in Chalk' by Karine Polwart. Seemingly simple [actually not sure if they are that simple to play] songs of hope in the midst of the tough stuff. Apparently some primary school in the Borders has adopted the song' I'm gonna do it all' as their anthem for the year. I've got a feeling that they are not alone. Last night as part of the week-long celebrations of my birthday [the older we get the more time we give to birthdays in this house] we went to see Karine and her band play in Wycombe - and very good they were too. Anyway, right now I’m gonna sail right out on the Atlantic / I’m gonna catch me a fish that’s bigger than gigantic / I’m gonna cook up a fine fish tea / It will be like some kind of Galilee /I’m gonna do it all some day


Anonymous said...

I'm with you all the way (... and I'm gonna definitely remember your birthday next year!)

effie said...

many happy congratulatories on your birthday Abbot!
missing y'all


ian said...

many thanks Effie - loved your latest post - are you still getting email OK? ianx