Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tikkun Olam: repairing the world

A really good day for mayBe today. For a few months I've been talking with Kathy who represents the Liberal/Progressive Jewish congregation at the Synagogue in Oxford, hoping to begin a conversation with them. They graciously [even bravely] invited us to join them for their monthly service, followed by the kiddush blessing and a shared lunch at Kathy's home. Their welcome was really warm and generous, despite the fact that many more of us turned up than I had predicted. The whole day was fascinating and - for me personally moving - and I'm looking forward to hearing people's reflections. In his sermon Joel was talking about Tikkun Olam - the good deeds to which we are called by God in order to repair the world. I like that. Invitations were being made for a return visit to mayBe, I'll be catching up with Kathy, and Joel and I are planning to go for a pint soon. Really looking forward to see how this conversation develops...

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