Friday, March 30, 2007

The choice is this, Cara said

The choice is this, Cara said. Side with the bullied, or side with the bullies. Last night I was abbot on tour to the mayBe community meal @ Jon and Tops - lovely welcome everyone, thankyou. We were talking about the place of suffering in the Christian tradition, wondering at Dietrich Bonhoeffer's claim [and he of all people had a right to say this] that 'suffering is the badge of true discipleship.' Perhaps it's almost fraudulent of us to imagine that we could have any kind of link to the martyr Bonhoeffer. We live in a much safer place and time than Nazi Germany in 1937 where he wrote 'The cost of discipleship'. Where's our suffering? What's the cost to us? Where's our courage? But then, Cara said, the choice is this. Side with the bullied, or side with the bullies. And I bet that by the end of this day, most of us will have had the opportunity to make that choice, wherever we are. Side with the bullied, or side with the bullies.

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Anonymous said...

Cara's words remind me of the writings of Arundhati Roy ('the algebra of infinite justice' and 'the ordinary person's guide to Empire') the latter of which explains that most of her - fiction and non-fiction - writing is concerned with the relationship between the powerful and the powerless. i wonder what Dietrich would be doing and saying today??