Friday, March 30, 2007

a waiting time

A waiting time comes to an end. For over a year in mayBe we've been seeking a funding partner for the next phase of the community's life beginning May/June 07. We've had a number of refusals, and couple of very near misses. Now we have one last big application in with a charitable trust, and they have promised an answer by the end of the month. The funny thing is we find ourselves stangely at peace. That could change of course, but lets go with it. I am the big cost for mayBe - in other areas we are covering our own costs - so if we don't find that funding partner our idea is for me to look for a new job or for a combination of income-earning gigs. mayBe is quietly vibrant, with a strong culture of participation, and either way - funding partner found or job/gig search for me - I am confident that mayBe's life will continue to evolve, enabling the people in and around mayBe to go on making small differences for the world in the hope and peace of Jesus son of the loveliest Mary...

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