Sunday, April 29, 2007

in the cathedral

This morning I preached at Christchurch Cathedral Oxford. An interesting space to work in. The cathedral covers a large area but is actually made up of a lot of smaller spaces. When I do this kind of thing I like to enage with the congregation. Archdeacon Julian told me beforehand not to try that - you preach from a high pulpit sideways-on halfway down a long narrow aisle - and if you try to maintain eye contact, it'll look you are watching a tennis match from the umpire's chair. So it was a bit like being on the radio. Seemed to go OK, and I enjoyed the new experience. Great to have lots of mayBe people there. The theme was vocation and I used quotations from various people in mayBe community. Here's one of them, from Michael: 'Could it be that the most profound aspect of vocation is that God may have formed us with desires and aspirations which mirror the Kingdom of God, and thus vocation is best discerned in those areas of our lives which give us and others most joy'... You can download the sermon from mayBe resources

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bigdaddystevieB said...

Great sermon! Thought-provoking stuff and I loved the quotations from mayBe people.