Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mark = Hemingway?

Holy Week and Easter 07. Perhaps because some of the open-endedness surrounding the next steps for us in mayBe, this year the Holy season seemed very close-up. Connected. Intimate. The foot-washing ritual at Maunday Thursday's community meal was powerful. And funny. Bernadette was concerned that when she washed my feet we might find it all 'too sensual'. It was nice, even really nice, but both agreed not quite that nice. Good Friday's Stations of the Cross walk in Shotover was simple. We stopped every 10 minutes or so to hear an excerpt from Mark's Gospel. Is Mark the Hemingway of the Gospel writers? You know sparse, to the point, simple? He left us without comfort. Holy Saturday vigil [see the pic] brought a really important moment to our evolving life - Topsy's baptism, mayBe community's first. The rest of us splashed water on ourselves and lit candles as a sign of renewing our baptismal vows, or simply of wanting to be on the spiritual journey. We used Andrew Jones' brilliant idea of mixing some dangerous words of Jesus with the sigur Ros video for Glosoli. Niamh and Theo [aged 2 almost 3] leapt in manic fashion as the kids ran up the hill. Resurrection day was, for the first time in years that I can remember, a beautiful weather day. The Eucharist was simple, and, as is our tradition in mayBe [3 years old and we have traditions now] the final liturgical act on this day of resurrection was the throwing of a frisbee "with abandon". Everything looks a little different now...

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