Thursday, June 21, 2007

Julian and the parables

Brilliant weekend away with the mayBe community in the Quantock Hills. With various visitors calling in we numbered around 30 this year. Great to have John and Emma organising most of the practical stuff, enabling me to spend more time with people and to focus on the praying times. We had an impromptu game of football on Saturday morning and I loved it. Even the hamstring pull in the dying seconds was worth it. In the prayers and Eucharist we attempted to get a dialogue going between some of the parables of Jesus and some sayings of Julian of Norwich. Think it worked well - I'm going to do more on this. The pic is of the camp fire on Saturday night. Chris was playing the Beautiful South.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stealing Up

I'm very excited about the other contribution from mayBe to this year's Greenbelt festival. Ruth Platt and Darko Stavrik from mayBe are are film makers and call themselves UrbanFox Films. They are big fans of film makers like Luke Moodyson, and I think their stuff is compassionate and tough. Stealing Up' is a short film of theirs to be shown at the festival. It looks at themes of love and loss, of parent and child. It features Maxine Peake - you may know her from Channel 4's 'Shameless' and from 'Confessions of a diary secretary'. The pic is a still from the film and features a famous local landmark around here.

beautiful day

The sky falls and it feels like it's a beautiful day... Looks like we've found our theme for mayBe's Greenbelt service this year [10am on the Saturday of the festival.] We had our first planning session on Saturday downstairs @ Manos [which is becoming another home for us]. We began with ideas coming out of our current look at the human body - then we remembered that our mates at Moot had the body as their theme last year and we didn't want to duplicate what they've done. So we moved to the possibility of the present moment - not waiting till things get perfect or better or even just OK but giving ourselves fully, in the 'now' moment, however it feels. Gail remembered her grandma talking about 'the shit and the honey.' Can we find beauty in both? Good question.

community conversation

mayBe had its 3x yearly all community conversation on Sunday, leading into Eucharist. I thought it was good. We asked 3 questions of ourselves: 1) what's life-giving or good about this community? 2) what's harder - what do we need to give attention to? 3) what insights are around re next steps? I was particularly grabbed by 2 things. Firstly, several people suggested that we can go deeper into the praying way [which chimes in with what I'm feeling]. And secondly, for a while the idea of a few mayBe people living in a community house has been tentatively around - on Sunday Becky made a suggestion for a next step in exploring that direction. Becky has lived in a community house before in NZ and has friends over here at the moment who helped form it. We are going to invite them for a conversation.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

with Fr Richard Rohr

In the last 18 months I've been going back again and again to the writings of Franciscan priest Fr Richard Rohr. This weekend I went with Gail and with Matt and Jim from hOME to a conference in York featuring Fr Richard. So much wonderful stuff - inspiring us to keep on seeking to be engaged in the present moment and following in the way of Christ for the world, with what Fr Richard calls a contemplative mind. I want this this to keep on shaping me. And I hope that I can keep on encouraging others in mayBe community and beyond to explore a similar path. Here's a pic of Jim, Jo, Ian, Gail and Matt at meal time.