Wednesday, June 13, 2007

community conversation

mayBe had its 3x yearly all community conversation on Sunday, leading into Eucharist. I thought it was good. We asked 3 questions of ourselves: 1) what's life-giving or good about this community? 2) what's harder - what do we need to give attention to? 3) what insights are around re next steps? I was particularly grabbed by 2 things. Firstly, several people suggested that we can go deeper into the praying way [which chimes in with what I'm feeling]. And secondly, for a while the idea of a few mayBe people living in a community house has been tentatively around - on Sunday Becky made a suggestion for a next step in exploring that direction. Becky has lived in a community house before in NZ and has friends over here at the moment who helped form it. We are going to invite them for a conversation.

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