Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Greenbelt Festival 07

Great time at Greenbelt. This is the third year now that mayBe has done something in New Forms and this year, for the first time, we did what we usually do for worship - Eucharist [see the pic]. Lots of us involved in preparation beforehand and in enabling it on the day, including... Simple but beautiful design by Cara, Rachel and Becky. Atmospheric video from Jane and Tom. Cool music from John and Jim. Spacious liturgy by Sam and Emma. Andrea's construction of the Eucharist worked beautifully. And Gail's Yahweh ritual was really good for me. Surprise highlight [I love those GB surprises] was John O'Donohue, writer, story-teller and purveyor of wisdom. Love this poem of his [which we've just put on the mayBe website] called 'Fluent': I would love to live/ Like a river flows / Carried by the surprise / Of its own unfolding.

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