Friday, October 19, 2007

when all hell breaks loose

Found myself at 8.15am today running up our street faster than I thought possible. A good neighbour had just rushed to our door to tell me that Gail was in a traffic accident at the end of the street. Is everything in our life about to shift?

Thankfully both Gail and the motorcyclist are OK. Shaken but OK. Car and bike will need work to make them fit to drive. And so last night's contemplative wisdom at mayBe community meal gets tested sooner than we had anticipated. Is it possible to live like this?

'Life still happens...
Yet in all
we are the tranquil awareness
that grounds and presides and is one with all,
whether things are going well in life
or all hell is breaking loose.'

[M Laird]

1 comment:

Matt said...

goodness! sorry not to ask about this earlier but I'm just getting round to reloading my newsreader on my new computer. frightening stuff hey? so glad Gail's ok.