Monday, January 22, 2007

to the brave and faithful

Brilliant performance by Leicester Tigers on Saturday night to beat Munster who had never previosuly lost at home in the Heineken. Apparently Munster's motto is 'To the brave and faithful nothing is impossible.' Well Tigers lived that to the full from the first moment to last. Gail and I watched the game at the home of our buddies Ken and Debby. I'm blaming the excitement of the game for the [un?]healthy amount of red wine consumed.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


What am I? Really interesting discussions around mayBe at the moment in our naming cycle. At the conversation around the community meal this week we realised that, for some of those mayBe people who see themselves as wanting to follow in the way of Christ, there are nevertheless mixed feelings around about being referred to as Christians. Because of the stuff - the perceptions, the misrepresentations and the baggage - that seem to go with that name. We want to qualify it. Add a long explanation of what that means to us. Or say something like "tell me what you mean by that term, and I'll tell you whether that's me". For me personally I'm happy with the shorthand of the term, honoured even to be asked to carry it - but also I want to put something into the mix about the idea of movement and orientation. I guess what I am trying to do each day is BECOME Christian. Some days I get a little closer to that possibility, on others my attempts are shambolic. Good thing that God's love is the ultimate reality, not my attempts to be whatever.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tikkun Olam: repairing the world

A really good day for mayBe today. For a few months I've been talking with Kathy who represents the Liberal/Progressive Jewish congregation at the Synagogue in Oxford, hoping to begin a conversation with them. They graciously [even bravely] invited us to join them for their monthly service, followed by the kiddush blessing and a shared lunch at Kathy's home. Their welcome was really warm and generous, despite the fact that many more of us turned up than I had predicted. The whole day was fascinating and - for me personally moving - and I'm looking forward to hearing people's reflections. In his sermon Joel was talking about Tikkun Olam - the good deeds to which we are called by God in order to repair the world. I like that. Invitations were being made for a return visit to mayBe, I'll be catching up with Kathy, and Joel and I are planning to go for a pint soon. Really looking forward to see how this conversation develops...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

horses in the cathedral

And now we have horses. Great to be back together as mayBe community on Sunday and at this week's Eucharist on the Meadow [it's a cathedral to us] we had 2 horses join us as the Gospel was being read. For a while it all seemed very much in the spirit of St Francis. OK Gail [country-born/city dweller] was being nibbled but Dave [jounalist/car mechanic/dad-to-be] was doing his horse-whispering thing. Then a bunch more horses came, and they were pretty big. Seemed like some of us were getting a bit concerned so we processed to another part of the Meadow. The horses' interest waned, and the Eucharist continued. They did not follow us to the cafe, nor to the pub.