Sunday, January 13, 2008

extreme pilgrim

If you possibly can check out the BBC's Extreme Pilgrim series. I had my haircut yesterday and my barber Pete was raving to me about about the first episode [1 of 3] in which Peter Owen-Jones spent time with martial arts-practising Bhuddist monks in China. This week, in the episode I saw, he goes to India to join the Mela, the huge Hindu pilgrimage to the Ganges, and hooks up with some Sadhus - holy men. "This is God in colour" he says, and suggests that Jesus of Nazareth and his followers may have lived in similar ways. Great TV - moving, real and provocative. Peter is a vicar in the C of E and says that "The Church of England in particular is incredibly intellectual. You know, huge libraries full of books and theological bookshops. But we don't do anything physical. It's going to be very challenging indeed." You can see the latest episode of Extreme Pilgrim on BBC iPlayer.

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