Wednesday, February 13, 2008

distinctly welcoming: more on Archbishop/Sharia

Richard Sudworth, who is a CMS mission partner working a multi-faith context in Birmingham, has posted some very good and helpful stuff on the Archbishop/Sharia controversy on his blog distinctly welcoming. Richard argues that 'if we are not careful, we will find ourselves advocating for what Lesslie Newbigin called a "naked public square": devoid of the language of faith and thus prey to totalitarianism and naked greed. Alternatively, jostling for prime position on a pedastal of privilege, pushing off the awkward squad of other religions that want to make their presence felt undermines our faith and, in the process, neuters the public square from the rigour of genuine challenge.' Richard urges instead 'another way forward in Christian faithfulness.' It's got me wondering if we need to find more active ways of engaging in public life that are not 'law-down' but based on 'ground-up' change for good coming from faith-communities and individuals.

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