Monday, February 18, 2008

a wider role

Things seem to be coming together for the next stage on my journey. From April, with the blessing of mayBe community and our bishop the idea is that I will be spending around 40% of my time in my mayBe role, and the rest getting involved more widely in encouraging more new emerging church stuff to happen. I hope to do this in various ways including mentoring, resourcing, facilitating and writing. This feels very exciting and positive. And also good for mayBe, which has a well established pattern of life, a very good team of guardians and lots of good possibilities coming up. I'll post more on this as some of the details become clearer.


bigdaddystevieB said...

Sounds like a wonderful next stage of the journey (Moira passed on the gist of this following your recent phonecall). You'll be the perfect person to be able to do the encouraging! It would have been even better if the Diocese (or even the Anglican Church nationally!) had embraced the concept of "emerging church" and had decided to pay you for other 60%.

After all this time, we're about to take our first tentative steps along the anamcara/mayBe path (but still linked to St Aldhelm's Church). We shared an "exploratory" meal with our good friends Alan, Gareth (and possibly daughter Iona), Gerry and Merry-Carol last Sunday and intend to start gathering weekly around the meal table (with the odd glass of red wine, of course!) on Maundy Thursday.
Interesting that, once we'd decided on setting out along this path, one of the discussion points raised (not by Moira or me) was "so what are we going to call ourselves then? we need a name")!

Ian Adams said...

Thanks Steve. And your plans for a weekly meal sound brilliant - that's really good news. If there's anything I can do to help please let me know. And I think your name will find you...