Friday, March 21, 2008

not abandon love

Earlier this week I was on the fresh expressions conference. I've just been asked to become an associate missioner with them and this was a really good way to get up to speed with what they are doing. There's lots of good stuff happening around the country. FE has played a big part in getting approval for the new Bishops' Mission Order measure which has gone through General Synod and is now getting parliamentary approval. This will make it possible for a project/community to exist in a similar standing as a parish, and makes space for the network and cross-border nature of emerging church. I think mayBe could go down this route.

We did some work in small groups and in ours there was a lot of musing on the uncertain state of the world. On Tuesday I was reading Jesus' apocalyptic discussion in Matthew 24 about the uncertain state of the world in his time. There's a moment where he says: 'because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold.' When times are tough we can tend, I think, to tighten up, become less generous, more centred on our own well-being, less thoughtful for others. A reminder to me as a would-be follower of Christ to not abandon love.

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