Sunday, March 16, 2008

try this improvisation [8]: who is this?

Yesterday Cara from mayBe and myself facilitated a worship space for ReSource. For the improvisation in response to the Gospel we made a communal art piece, something that we've done a lot in mayBe. We used cardboard from an old box - we've found it's much less intimidating than a proper canvas to people who don't consider themselves to be 'artistic'. The idea yesterday was for each person to use a black marker pen and draw a line, taking the pen off the surface only once or twice, to begin to respond in some way to the Gospel. In this case we took the question "who is this?" from the Palm Sunday Gospel - with a subtext for us - "who is this man Jesus, and what might he be bringing to life [or death] in us at this time?" Then Cara did some work in paint to somehow bring it together. In this way we hope that we discover a creative way for everyone to engage, but also give give scope to those with particular artistic gifts. Seemed to work - and the end result looked pretty good I think.

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