Sunday, April 13, 2008

the morning bell

This is the end of week 1 of the morning bell - an early morning call to prayer which I am sending out by SMS txt or email via my pace bene website. I'm hoping that this will help people begin the day in stillness, and find a connection into the rich and rhythmic tradition of monastic prayer.

At the end of the first week there are 11 of us doing this - there's great strength in that we are both praying on our own and together - and this week people will be hearing the bell ring in and around Oxford, Bristol, Leeds and on the Holy island of Lindisfarne. If you'd like to receive morning bell please let me know.

In the coming week the root for our praying will be coming from the Desert Fathers, through the experience of St Anthony the Great, called the 'Father of Monks.' It seems to me that we need to give great attention to the experience of people like Anthony who devote themselves so completely to the journey into God and life. I hope that this week, in some small way, the morning bell will be able to open up for us the wisdom and way of St Anthony. The pic is of a morning bell [OK a triangle] calling us to prayer on a recent mayBe retreat.

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