Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New habits for a new era: new monasticism

On Saturday 3 May I'm involved in New habits for a new era - an event exploring what has become known as new monasticism. It's being organised jointly by the Anabaptist Network and the Northumbria Community and I'm due to be on a panel in the afternoon session.

If you have followed the story of mayBe community you will know that we have been inspired along the way by stories and practises from the monastic stream. Their wholehearted following of Christ exerts a pull on us. We have been trying to find out if it's possible for regular people, with all the usual stuff of contemporary life around us, to somehow live in the spirit of the monastics.

But we know that we are just scratching the surface of the monastic way. We are novice novices. And if the single-minded, disciplined approach of the monastics to following Christ calls us, it also shocks us. It's deeply comfortable. So is it possible in any way for us follow in their footsteps with integrity?

I'm looking forward to the conversation. You can find out more on the urban expression site.

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