Tuesday, April 08, 2008

rema to the people of Burundi

Great to have Felibien Ndintore, and long-term friends of ours Steve and Diane Eyre, with mayBe on Sunday evening. Felibien is director of Rema Ministries, which is supported by Rema uk in which Steve and Diane are involved. Rema is a non-denominational Christian NGO that brings ‘rema’ to refugees and other disadvantaged people from and within Burundi. Here's a lovely thing: 'rema' is a Kirundi word which means to console, comfort, encourage, strengthen, to build up, support and give hope. Sounds a lot to me like the concept of shaIom - or God's-better-world-coming. In Burundi's context this means bringing rema to people who have suffered the multiple tragedies of civil war, HIV/AIDS, earthquake and economic poverty. The pic is of Felibien, Steve and Diane and mayBe people Gail, Chris W and Chris Y at the Angel after our Eucharist.

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