Saturday, September 06, 2008

Church of Scotland

Really enjoyed being with a group from the Church of Scotland earlier this week. The group was organised by David Currie who has responsibility for encouraging emerging/fresh expressions in the Church of Scotland. I met David a few years ago at an event when people in emerging type situations met with Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham. It was good to meet up again. Also to good to meet up again with John and Olive Drane, and to meet Jarred, John and Neil for the first time. It was good, in the week of St Aidan's day, to be able to thank them for all the good people and influences that the Scots have shared with us in the past. From a personal point of view they include St Aidan, who came from Iona to Lindisfarne, the Iona Community - a big influence on mayBe - and Glasgow's Late Late Service, whose inventive liturgies were an inspiration me in the mid 90s. Looking forward to seeing what really good things come in to being next in Scotland...

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