Sunday, September 07, 2008

on the floor with Taize @Greenbelt

2 weeks ago tonight at the same time I am writing this post I was lying on the floor. I was at the back of the balcony of the big Centaur venue at Greenbelt during Taize worship. The lying on the floor thing began for me about 4 years ago when I discovered that I had no more words for prayer. It's a practise I have kept returning to ever since, a real reminder that prayer is a 'being with' thing. You might like to try it?

The Taize community - and the late Br Roger - have been a great help to me for, I guess, at least 15 years. I love their prayerfulness, hospitality and devotion, worked out in a monastic life fully engaged with the world around them. There's a beautiful mix of depth and simplicity in their approach to worship. Br Roger always said that the repetition in their singing of chants means that the song will continue in our lives after we stop singing. May this be so...

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