Monday, November 17, 2008

morning bell week 31: body prayer

My own early education in prayer was almost exclusively in the context of words. My work with people around prayer has shown me that I am far from alone in that experience. Words, of course are important, and they are a gift to us in prayer. But we are not just connected with God through words. We are physical creatures on a God-blessed earth. And right at the centre of the great story of God told in the Christian faith is the astonishing idea that God came to us in earthy-body form, Jesus of Nazareth.

So this week’s morning bell is taking as its starting point the possibility that our prayer can be a physical thing. I am going to be offering some of the simple body prayer practices that I use and find helpful. My prayer is that as morning bell-ers and I do this together we may discover that the ever-creative God is closer than we can imagine.

morning bell for day one this week explores how to allow our walking or running to become a prayer. You can get morning bell here.

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