Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fresh Expressions National Pilgrimage day

Very good to be involved in Monday's Fresh Expressions National Pilgrimage day at Coventry Cathedral. The idea of the event was to engage with the catholic and sacramental streams in the Church of England, encouraging re-imagination of what church can be in those traditions. The Archbishop of Canterbury was with us for the day. mayBe was one of the groups involved. We did a prayer station called 'Mary's yes' which offered a simple act of prayer, adding a fragment to a big 'yes' on the ground, and a blessing with water. We used this mayBe icon of the Annunciation painted by Rachel Yates at one of our Eucharists. I was also involved in a workshop/seminar with Stuart, Abbot of the Benedictine priory formerly at Burford, now en slow route to Worcestershire. We are going to be continuing our conversation. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from the day. I'll post links as soon as they appear.

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Johnny said...

Sounds like an excellent day, Ian.