Saturday, December 06, 2008


I'm really pleased to blog about a new enterprise that I'm involved in as one of my pace bene projects. It's a collaboration with my buddy Matt Rees. It's called StillPoint and the idea is that it we provide resources and spaces for people to engage in the practise of Christian spirituality. The primary focus will be the exploration of the contemplative and mystical streams of the Christian tradition. We're planning to offer classes, conferences, artistic events and prayer spaces. We've managed to put together what we hope will be a really promising set of happenings in 2009, including a conference with Martin Laird, author of the brilliant 'Into the Silent Land'. Launch night is planned for Wednesday 4 March at the Phoenix cinema in Jericho. We've got film and music-maker Jamie Catto who is one half of One Giant Leap coming to the launch - we are going to interview Jamie and show some of their stuff. If you'd like an invitation and would like to go on our mailing list please email me.

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Johnny said...

"Martin Laird": Good name!