Thursday, May 29, 2008

grass and raindrops

Last week Gail and I celebrated our 25 milestone with a week in South Devon. [Was meant to be on Mull but that didn't happen - we'll look forward to doing that sometime soon we hope.] I love the way that being there somehow encourages us to give deep attention to the small things. Like grass. And raindrops. Small things help us to see the bigger picture.

Amplified and stillpoint

Very good to see the latest steps on the journey from our sisterbrother community in Oxford hOME. Matt Rees is starting a graphic design business called Amplified. Matt has real talent in this area and has produced some lovely stuff for hOME. And hOME are starting a Christian meditation event on Mondays at the Magic cafe, called stillpoint. Sounds brilliant.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

prayer development day with Moot

Moot have asked me to lead a prayer development day on Saturday October 25 in London. Looking forward to it! You can make a booking for the day here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

higher than the world...

Gail and I were married 25 years ago today! My Devon love. Feeling higher than the world.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pentecost baptisms

Yesterday, Pentecost Sunday, mayBe went to the church of St John the Evangelist [opposite our house] for the baptism of Niamh and Ezra, and for our Eucharist. Big thanks to Fr James who made us so welcome. Fr James presided, I did the baptism, and mayBe community shared out the rest of the service as we always do. For our improvisation we had sprinkling with holy water from the font with the words "God's peace, God's life, God's Spirit." We must do that again...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

conversations for change

Big moment for my wife Gail last night as she took a first step towards doing life-coaching full-time. She's calling this conversations for change and yesterday we launched a 6 week workshop which we are doing together, beginning in June. It's called Flourish and aims to help people to live with imagination, adventure and generosity in times of uncertainty. My contribution is in the area of symbolic actions, stilling practises, and wisdom and practice from people who have trod this pathway before. I'm really looking forward to it. Find out more about Gail's stuff and the workshop on Gail's website.

Monday, May 05, 2008

try this improvisation [10]: flying kites for Ascension

mayBe did it's kite-flying Eucharist for Ascension yesterday - this is the 4th time we've done this - and it always seems to be a great way to wonder at the mysterious story. As last year, getting the kites to fly was a challenge, with only a slight breeze.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

new habits for a new era

Good to be at the new habits for a new era: new monasticism event in Coventry yesterday. This was organised jointly by the Anabaptist Network and the Northumbria Community. Encouraging to see lots of people finding some inspiration and practise in the monastic stream. At lunchtime I made a quick visit to Coventry cathedral, which is very 60s - and magnificently so. Pics are of the cathedral, and from a session with Br Samuel of the Franciscans at Hilfield Friary and our buddy Ian Mobsby from moot .

Friday, May 02, 2008

grace in Sheffield

It was very good to visit something called Grace fellowship in inner-city Sheffield at the weekend. This is facilitated by Claire & Kevin Bonardt, and David 'Schof' and Heather Schofield - who we know from our time in Sheffield in the 90's. Their Sunday morning worship gathering is very community orientated - in K+C's home, beginning with breakfast, and adults, kids and the sleeping dog sitting together. I guess the worship pattern is fairly traditional, but it has life and authenticity. Grace meets together for prayer during the week, and has a real focus on serving and loving God and neighbour. Keep on!