Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cara Heafey @Greenbelt

My friend and mayBe colleague Cara Heafey has had this piece of work commissioned by Greenbelt for a project called Art for All. Look out for it at the festival on site and as a collectable stamp.

Ian Mobsby

Good to meet up again today with our buddy Ian Mobsby from Moot. Ian's got a new website. We've booked him to come and do a Blah date in Oxford on Tuesday 28 October. Look out for more info soon.

3 generations of women

Great to spend time at the weekend with Gail's mum Chris to celebrate her 70th. Here's a pic of the 3 generations of women in her family: [l-r] our Rachel, Gail, Chris, Tracey [Gail's sister] and our Esther

the potato eaters

At mayBe's community meal tonight we are continuing our 'bread and wine' cycle. This week we are looking at the possibilities for life that come when people share food and drink together at table. Jesus, of course, is reported by the Gospel writers as doing this a lot. Amongst various resources we'll be looking at this early [1885] picture by Van Gogh: the 'potato eaters.' I like the earthy simplicity of the scene.

embrace or punch?

I'm enjoying this quotation from Bob Geldof in the Observer about Bono and himself:
'Bono's in love with the world. he wants to embrace it. I want to punch its lights out.'
I guess my natural empathy is with the embrace end of things, but perhaps - in the spirit of the OT prophets and Jesus of the Gospels - we need to be both sometimes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Judas eucharist

Very good to be back with mayBe on Sunday evening at the convent chapel. Cara facilitated the Eucharist and partly inspired by some ideas she got from Ikon in Belfast she set up a Eucharist around the theme of Judas. The pic is of Jim washing people's hands [John K in this case] which was an improvised response to the Gospel story.

evening field

Just back from 2 weeks holiday in Devon with Gail. Happy times as always there. The pic is from a favorite walk over a hill behind the village. One of the great things about this walk is that we do it through all the seasons and see the landscape change. This pic was taken late one evening with the combine harvester still at work in the field. You cans see the straw piled in lines.