Sunday, February 15, 2009

the unhinged life

This week’s morning bell call to prayer will be inspired by some re-reading I am doing at the moment of the book ‘On Religion’ by the philosopher John D Caputo. Caputo’s definition of religion is ‘love of God’, but he breaks open that seemingly simple and even conventional statement with a powerful discourse on what true love of God might be, and what might flow from it. Caputo describes the religious life - and we might say the prayerful life - as ‘the unhinged life of hope and love and faith, salty and passionate.’ Now I want some of that.


blue hands said...

I'm interested to know what he means by "unhinged". I'm not sure that I want my hope and love and faith unhinged from one another. I think I want them linked and integrated so that faith and love permeate all of my life.

Ian Adams said...

In using the word 'unhinged' Caputo is not suggesting we should be disconnected. Nor is he saying that love of God is senseless or stupid. He is suggesting in fact that we should be deeply connected, fully sensing, and passionate. One of his favourite images is a sensual one - 'religion is for lovers' he says. So he implores us to give ourselves fully, holding nothing back, despite how it might appear, and love life, God and neighbour with an earthy, whole-hearted embrace.