Wednesday, April 01, 2009

going to the edge

Some big news from Gail and myself: we will be moving to the south-west of England this summer and do our work from our home in South Devon [we currently live in rented accommodation in Oxford].

The idea is for me to continue the Pace Bene! project from the south-west. Pace Bene! covers the various ways that I am trying to bring peace and good to the world, and enable others to do the same, inspired by the story and the stories of Jesus of the Gospels. It's a mix that includes writing, resourcing, mentoring, the 'morning bell' call to prayer and the StillPoint project. I am also currently working with CMS on their Small Missional Communities project, and am doing some work with Fresh Expressions and again I plan to continue to do both of those from the south-west.

Gail and I are very excited about being involved locally in the south-west, and we hope to get involved in various other projects there. Gail is going to focus full time on her life-coaching - gail adams:conversations for change - and on our joint workshops Change! and Flow! She sees this as a great opportunity for her to give herself full-time to her calling, and we are very excited by that.

The main thing that I will not be able to do is lead mayBe. I am working hard with the current guardians [the leadership team] of mayBe to ensure that the transition is good. We know that there will be lots of challenges for mayBe, but we also sense that this is a moment full of possibility. When you begin something like mayBe, as I did with Cara and Gail - it can become very closely identified with you. This is a great opportunity to see mayBe evolve without me, and to see it being shaped by the people in it and those yet to come. Clearly this has some tough aspects - we love mayBe and the people - but I think that some brilliant things will emerge in and around mayBe as a result of this.

We know there will be big challenges, but are really excited about the possibilities. I will blog the change process. The pic was taken on a beach near our house - I hope to do more of this! - and I imagine that going 'to the edge' may produce some really helpful stuff for us to share with people...


Eleanor Burne-Jones said...

Look forward to your being in the SW and hope we get to meet up when you are settled. Feel free to come and meet our Cornwall Fresh Expressions Network, events are on our web site,
Warmest blessings on your ministries here,

Ian Adams said...

many thanks Eleanor - I'll look forward to that very much and conversing on Twitter in the meantime - peace to you Ian

LauraHD said...

Praying for you, Gail and mayBe in this process - tht the journey is good and you travel well. L

Tobit Emmens said...

I am new to your blog (thanks to JohnnyL for the heads up) and ma finding it a good place to be.

You're coming to Devon - that sounds exciting, and I get where you are coming from with the 'going to the edge' as I made the same kind of transition a few years back.

Which part of South Devon?

looking forward to reading more of your journey.

grace and peace

Ian Adams said...

hi Tobit - good to hear from you - suggest you email me direct:

peace to you Ian