Monday, June 08, 2009

imagine a world without fish

It's world oceans day and I'm marking it by going to see the documentary-film end of the line [imagine a world without fish] tonight. We have been over-fishing around the world for decades, and the message of this film is that we must take decisive action now. I understand that there are, finally, plans being made in the EU to stop the crazy policy of throwing [inconveniently caught but of course since-expired] fish back into the sea to keep to landed quotas.

The pic is of the sea on the north coast of Mull, from the place where I did my bit for fish stocks by catching nothing when I went fishing for our supper last month. The cormorant in flight seemed happy and healthy enough [as did my other visitors - diving gannets, a seal and an otter] so I'm pleased to say that not all the fish have gone yet. But this is a really serious issue.

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