Monday, July 13, 2009

into the silent land

Matt and I facilitated our first StillPoint conference at the weekend in Oxford. Seemed to go really well. Over 70 people there and a wonderful time with Martin Laird OSA speaking on the contemplative tradition. Perhaps a bit mad trying to move house and run a conference in the same 2 week period but we've survived! The conference finished with a eucharist in the rarely-used church of St John the Evangelist on Iffley Road.


Anonymous said...

what does it mean to go "into the silent land?"

Ian Adams said...

It's a phrase that Martin uses to describe a 'place within us' that can be accessed through stillness and contemplative prayer, where we discover the true nature of our being, grounded in the love and presence of God. I recommend Martin's wonderful book 'Into the Silent Land'.