Monday, August 17, 2009


Very good time at the weekend at Glastonbury. Lots of really interesting conversations with spiritual travelers taking different paths - really good to hear their stories and to offer them my experience of and love for the Jesus tradition. This was part of an event organised by Pauline Warner, a friend in the Christian Travellers in the New Spiritual Culture network who runs a project called Soul Clinics. On Saturday I did a series of reflections and exercises from the monastic stream each hour through the day in the beautiful [if rather cluttered - aren't they all] St Margaret's chapel. We finished with a silent Eucharist - a practise of the Carthusians. Yesterday we did a Eucharist on the Tor. We are hoping to go back to Glastonbury around Easter and the Spring Equinox in March 2010. Pics of are of the chapel and from the top of the Tor.

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