Friday, August 21, 2009

kind of blue @Greenbelt

Looking forward to Greenbelt . Here's the main things I'm doing at the festival:

Friday 8pm-9pm 'reflections in jazz' - exploring links between improvisational jazz, contemplative prayer and inspired action, working with the classic Miles Davis album ‘Kind of Blue.’ [venue: Soul Space]

Sunday 3pm-4pm part of a conversation called 'Rhythm and Calendar, Feast Days and Fasting' with Maggi Dawn and Nadia Bolz-Weber [venue New Forms Conversations in the Winged Ox]

Sunday 5pm-6pm 'start a community, change the world?' - a mix of stories, insights and conversation exploring how to start communities and how they can change us reshape the world [venue CMS tent]

Sunday 11pm-midnight 'kind of blue' - more on jazz, contemplative prayer and action to change the world with the entire and very brilliant Miles Davis album 'Kind of Blue' as late night soundtrack [venue Soul Space]

All weekend: Greenbelt have asked me to do morning bell - the morning call to prayer via email/txt/twitter - for the festival - if you don't yet receive morning bell and would like to get the festival morning bell by email/txt let me know by email or txt, or to receive via twitter go to

See you at Greenbelt!

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