Friday, August 14, 2009

ways into small missional community [3] beginning to live a simple pattern

here's the next in the series of postings I am doing on starting and sustaining community for the Small Missional Communities project:
So perhaps there’s a few of you setting out, with an idea of what you hope might come into being. How do you actually get started?

A really good way to begin is to start living a simple pattern of life. This would be the core happenings that you can imagine coming into being for the community-project. The stuff you do every week or so.

Keep the pattern simple. Don’t wait until you have it all worked out, begin with what you sense is being given to you. In time the pattern will evolve. Don’t try to do too much. Give attention to each other, don’t get too wrapped up in the idea of the thing and miss out on the people. Even if there’s only 2 or 3 of you, live it as if there are all the people that you hope in time will be with you. Try to sense what the pivot point - the central element - of the community’s life will be in the week. Make it a priority - and love it!

So if you are already part of something like a small missional community, what’s your community pattern of life? And what was your experience of living it from the beginning? If you are thinking about starting a community-project, what do you sense might be the simple pattern, the vital elements in the week?

[Look out for the next posting in this series: finding the spirit of the community]

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Tim Jeffries said...

We started a small missional community in Melbourne, Australia in 2006. Our simple pattern has kept us going pretty much since the beginning. We host a open community dinner on Sunday evenings and we gather in one of our houses for worship on a Wednesday nights. We live very close to one another so we see each other often throughout the week.