Wednesday, May 12, 2010

an emerging politics

I've been involved for a long time with what's often been called 'emerging church.' The new situation in UK politics feels like it might signal an exciting change towards partnership and consensus - an 'emerging politics'. I've just been reading some research my daughter Rachel has been doing into decline in traditional religious practice. One of her findings is that people have rejected religion that feels 'conforming, controlling, and adversarial'. Now doesn't that sound rather like much of the politics that we have been subjected to?

There's another interesting aspect to all this. The media is so entrenched in the whole adversarial approach, constantly pitching people, ideas and parties against each other, that it may struggle to cope with an 'emerging politics'. Very few commentators will have experience of working in cross-party partnership, and there will be a lot of scepticism around. It won't be easy. Time, I suggest for the peace-makers, the consensus-builders, the big-hearted and the open-handed to step forward...


naomijacobs said...

Interesting insights.

Is your daughter's research published? I'd love to read that.

Ian Adams said...

not yet Naomi - if she goes down that route I'll post a link here. Good to hear from you - peace to you today. Ian