Wednesday, December 22, 2010

South Devon winter

It's a hard winter all over the UK. Unusually for this part of the world we have snow, ice and persistent sub-zero temperatures. Here's a pic of the estuary...

ways into small missional community [20] light up the sky

here's my latest post in the 'ways into' series for the CMS Small Missional communities project...

This post grows from the ideas in posts [18] encountering Christ, being Christ and [19] change through community projects. It comes out of my experience that for community projects to bring good to our wider communities in Christ’s name, they need to emerge from and be sustained by people who have a passion for them.

So this post is about giving space and encouragement to people to have a go themselves, trusting that we each have within us a God-inspired impetus to make the world a better place and ideas and resources for doing that. If our idea is good, if it is somehow tapping into the flow of the mysterious and always-at-work Holy Spirit, it may flourish. People will encourage it, talk about it, and some, even all, will participate in it.

What might this look like on the ground? Hopefully the community has a regular space for conversation, stillness and prayer where it tries to understand how it may bring good to the world in the way of the Christ. As part of this conversation invite each other to imagine and describe the sort of change that each person would like to be involved in.

It’s really important to emphasize that this is not a reality TV talent show. There is not one winner. Some, many, even all the ideas offered may find encouragement to go ahead. The key is that the person offering their idea is committed to it and involved in taking it forward.

St Paul memorably called on the early Christian community in Philippi to shine like stars. May the people in the community/project you are involved in – and the God-inspired ideas they have within them for bringing change for good - light up the sky where you are…

Friday, December 10, 2010

St Ives in winter

great to spend a few days with Matt last week at his place in St Ives working on StillPoint stuff