Saturday, July 24, 2010

Third Space

Very good to be with Third Space in Matlock this week. If you want to meet some of the TS people come to the conversation on community 2pm Monday @Greenbelt as they'll have a participant in that along with Abbot Stuart Burns OSB, Cara from mayBe in Oxford and one or two others tbc! peace Ian

Sunday, July 18, 2010

with Richard Long

Enjoyed hearing artist Richard Long today at Dartington Ways with Words Festival. Richard has been and will go on being a real inspiration to us. He's not a natural at public speaking, but coped well, particularly when a woman said that she was seeing the emporer's new clothes, and asked him how he had managed to convince people that what he does is art. The pics are some of the pieces that mayBe created at a weekend away, inspired in part by him. Keep on walking in a straight line Richard.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Harrier and Jaguar: compelling and disturbing

On the way back yesterday from a [very good] FX meeting in London I called in to Tate Britain to see the Harrier and Jaguar commission by Fiona Banner.  The Sea Harrier is hung from the roof, nose less than a metre from the ground. The Jaguar, coated in stunning silver, lies belly up on the floor. They look stunning, even beautiful, and of course powerful.  But perhaps there's a resistance to their power in the way they have been displayed, hung like a dead bird, beached like a dead whale. This is well worth seeing. [PS although photography is not usually allowed in Tate Britain they seem to be making an exception for this work]