Wednesday, August 10, 2011

where to be on Holy Island?

I've just been asked where to go and what to do on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Here's what I suggested. If you know the island what might you add?

• go to morning eucharist in the island parish church
• spend time in the parish church with the wooden statue of Cuthbert's monks carrying his coffin
• visit St Cuthbert's island at low tide (below the parish church)
• walk round the east/northeast shore of the island
• spend time bird-watching from the hide at the lake on the east side
• visit the book shop at the Open Gate retreat (Community of Aidan and Hilda)
• be in the garden for prayer near to Open Gate (see pic)
• and give attention to the small things…

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David Keen said...

Open gate have several daily offices in their basement chapel, I'm not sure if you can join in if you're not staying there but they're very good.

I did a full circuit of the island one day, plenty of seals around!

The Lindisfarne scriptorum shop is good - I'm still giving away some of the prayer cards I picked up there.

If you're an NT member, you can get into the Abbey ruins for free. I love the statue of Aidan.